Tuesday, January 5, 2010

8 Days and Counting

Yesterday marked the 8th day in a row of overtime for Rick. This schedule is starting to put on a strain on our family. The way the days have gone lately, Rick works his regular shift and then stays until around midnight. He comes home to go to sleep, and then gets up to do it all over again. We are are all trying to keep our eye on the prize which is an emergency/moving fund. That being said, one night at home without interruption would be wonderful. We are still planning on a family overnight at a hotel when winter comes to an end. Anybody have suggestions for ways to deal with a very unpredictable, but mandatory, schedule?

Abby and I were watching the news last night. A reporter said he wanted to tip his hat to those who plow in Chardon (which is where Rick works), all the roads looked great despite an unbelievable amount of snow. Abby excitedly looked at the television, and said "That's my dad!" Pretty cute.

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  1. Blessings to you as you hang in there! I pray your husbands work schedule will "let up" very soon. Enjoying your blog!