Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Years Ago

10 years ago, tomorrow, my life changed forever. It was then that I became a mom to my beautiful baby girl. Only now, she's not a baby. She prefers to be called a 'tween'. She's not 10 years old, she's a decade. (At least she wants me to say that.) Time really does fly. For some reason this birthday is hitting me hard. I am more than halfway through the time when Abby will be at home.

I remember the fresh, and in some ways, completely unanticipated feelings that accompanied my entry into motherhood. I never knew I could love someone so completely. I had a new understanding of how my mom stepped up, when my birth mother did not. That was bittersweet. And last, but certainly not least, I felt a different kind of relationship with God brewing. I didn't know at the time, but he would use motherhood as a way to draw me back to him and allow him to love me in a way I had stopped him from doing before.

Abby has grown into a girl that loves Jesus. Her favorite Bible story is Esther. We are enjoying the fact that tomorrow at sundown the Jewish people will begin their celebration of Purim. The entire narrative of Esther will be read and she will be remembered as a girl used of God "for such a time as this". My prayer for Abby is that she will be an Esther in her generation.

Happy Birthday Abby! Your momma loves you very much!


  1. Ah warmed this adoptive mama's heart....I have a 23 yr old daughter who came to us at 8 days old....she grew up learning and knowing abt Jesus and God...she now walks away from Him, convinced He really wasn't there for her...I pray that someday that she will come back and be drawn to Him as you have been.

  2. Time really does go by fast! I have a sweet 10 year old too! Cherish the moments!

  3. The time flies by so quickly, doesn't it? I sometimes marvel at the ages of my children and think 'when did that happen?'. How wonderful that your daughter is growing up to be a woman of faith like her mother.

  4. So good to drop back by your blog. What a sweet entry! I've been a Mom for 33 years and can still remember the moment that I became a Mother. What an overwhelming feeling! Blessings to you!

  5. this was sweet. Don't worry though.. you have so much more to experience with her.

  6. Happy late birthday to your sweet girl. Hope she had a great one. There really is something about that 10th birthday, I think it is the double digits!

    Time really does slip away so quickly!

  7. What a sweet post for your "baby"'s birthday! Just wait til she turns 14! It makes me crazy how time flies!
    What a blessing to be a mom!