Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Introduction to Esther

I have viewed the introductory session, and it's awesome! I'm excited to see what Christ calls each of us to do through this study. Let's pray that God will make himself known to us in amazing ways and press on to the next session. Hit the homework, and I'll post next Tuesday about session one. In the mean time, what are your three toughest things about being a woman?


  1. 1. Maintaining balance with taking care of myself and the needs of my family. I tend to put all my energy toward one or the other.
    2. Hormones
    3. Boundaries

  2. Wow--soo many tough things--how do we narrow it down to 2?? hahaha Stephanie--you took all my answers.
    1--hormones is a biggie--we cry about anything or are sooo irritable that men and kids think we are nuts--haha
    2--prioritizing--remembering to make God first then to be able to juggle work, kids, husband, shopping, exercising....etc..something always gets left out and it is often "our" needs and friendships.
    3--making dinner--I HATE to cook and hate deciding what to make.

  3. Love what Beth said pg 18--"Our status is infinately higher as a servant in God's kingdom than a ruler in ours." I would DEFINATELY rather have God in control than me.

  4. Xerxes displayed the vast wealth of his kingdom to all his nobles and officials, and the military leaders of Persia and Media for 180 days. Then he followed it up with a banquet lasting seven days. I'm just wondering how the average citizen of a province felt. I'm not sure how leaders were chosen in this time period, but the behavior is crazy. The leaders were being spoiled and having a lavish party for just over 6 months! What is up with that? What if we elected officials who never did anything?

  5. Candy PorostoskyJuly 21, 2009 at 4:13 PM

    i love some things beth said (and these aren't word for word) -

    "God can get into any place (government), etc, if he wants to."

    "there is much to be known about God when He appears to be absent."

    "consequences are miracles in which God wishes to remian anonymous."

    it's just amazing to me how in His silence he often speaks the loudest building our faith. Very difficult places, but growing places.

    i never really thought about "it's touch being a woman in another woman's shadow," but i started thinking about the comparison trap we often get ourselves into and different situations i've been in and others and it is soooo true - siblings, work place, neighborhood, school / church moms, mother-in-law ... yikes!!!